All roads lead to rail: how the inland rail will revolutionise regional Australia

Australia is in the midst of an infrastructure boom: over 100+ projects worth over $1bn are underway across our country, taking advantage of excellent economic conditions and sustained growth over the last 26 years.

The jewel in this crown is the announcement of the Inland Rail, running from Brisbane to Melbourne, encompassing some 1,700km of new, upgraded and existing rail. This project will be one of the largest infrastructure projects in our history, and one of the largest rail projects in the world.

Improved rail has long been on the wish list of regional Australia: connecting our vibrant regional cities to trade opportunities is the key to unlocking further growth in our economy. This project promises to deliver better connections for farms to cities and markets, creating jobs and reducing supply chain costs. Two million tonnes of agricultural freight will switch from road to rail, reducing rail costs for intercapital freight travelling between Melbourne and Brisbane by $10 a tonne – significantly benefitting our farming community.

Moving our goods to port is essential to our global connectivity. Our agricultural output continues to attract international attention with Australia’s ‘clean and green’ reputation, particularly in Asia. This project provides substantial opportunities to those located close to the proposed route, lowering freight costs and time to get to port, along with costs associated with holding stock or raw materials whilst waiting for transit.

The grain market stands to benefit substantially from this infrastructure investment. With wheat in our top 5 exports nationally, the opportunity to improve speed to the global market will benefit our agricultural owners.


Moree: The heart of grain

Moree, NSW is considered the heart of the Australian grain industry. A global industry of wheat and barley is backed by some of the biggest players in the Moree region, which stands to benefit significantly from the inland rail infrastructure investment and other projects designed to help stimulate the regional economy.

Savvy investors are seeking out opportunities along the inland rail route, in line with the opportunities presented by improved connectivity and a promise of a Melbourne to Brisbane trip in less than 24 hours. Moving goods around the country will be easier than ever and improving our competitiveness on a global stage.


Investment Opportunity

Based in Moree is a significant opportunity for investors seeking to benefit from both the infrastructure investment and the growing global interest in Australia’s grain market. 10 Industry Drive, Moree is a 15 hectare, fully fenced opportunity for investors to purchase a high quality grain storage facility adjacent to the Newell Highway.

Expressions of Interest for the opportunity are closing soon. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a prudent investment ahead of the growth expected from the inland rail. Learn more here.


To learn more about the Inland Rail, head to the website here.

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